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Integrated campaign produced while working at McCann Enterprise.


Promoting NEOM – a Saudi megaproject that will change our way of living, but doesn't technically exist yet – can be tricky. Still, the world is already talking about it – excitedly, confusedly, even ironically. So, we tapped into the global conversation and encouraged everyone to ask Google for the real answers, instead of just giving an ear to half-truths. And asked Dave Meyers to help us bring to life countless NEOM dialogues around the world.


The script plays a key role in it, and making it work well across all the different cuts was a very exciting challenge.

Was my icebreaker on this account, and stands out among previous NEOM campaigns.

In addition to being the lead copy on the campaign, I've been overseeing closely the transcreation process (we translated the entire subtitles script into Arabic, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean).

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