Welcome to the translation section of my website!

This new adventure only started a little time ago, and I've collected here the personal and professional bits of translation I've done so far (EN>IT). I try to update this section very frequently, but there may always be some new experience I haven't yet listed below. If you're interested in my translation services, please get in touch and I might be able to provide you with extra examples of my work.



(personal project)

Turn the telescope round - Gira il telescopio

Everything's changed and nothing's changed - Tutto è cambiato, nulla è cambiato


Creativity starts with a brief - Tutto inizia dal giusto brief


(professional project)

Scott Murray's video - Italian version for SIMG/SICP

Pallium Canada video (Better Early Than Late) - Italian version for SIMG

Pallium Canada video (Palliative Myths) - Italian version for SIMG