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Produced while working at AML Group

In 2019, AML created for BNP Paribas Asset Management a provocative content hub, built around the mantra ‘before we invest, we investigate’. In 2020, I collaborated on the second chapter of the Investigator Series, focused on the so-called The Great Instability, by writing the introductory video and plenty of articles.


The Great Instability - Intro [read]


Will a new President mean a new chapter for the US? [read]

How healthy is global healthcare? [read]

Buckle up: the unstoppable road to electrification [read]

Keeping up with a changing world [read]

Private lending: can you achieve stability, responsibly? [read]

Taking care of healthcare in an unstable world [read] 

Powering a better future: what it really takes. [read]

Tech and techlash: what it means for investors?​ [read]

As investors’ needs change, should they seek alternatives? [read]

Can investors aim high when rates are low? [read]

What to expect after the unexpected? [read]

Can new habits help fight climate change? [read]

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