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Campaign produced while working at AML Group

Wealth management giant Hennion & Walsh wanted to help any self-made, middle-aged, proud American think with confidence about their retirement investment plans. With references to pop culture classics and bold and straightforward executions across press and radio, we told everyone about Hennion & Walsh's no-nonsense and hard-working spirit. 

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Approximately 50 secs including 10 secs for T&C 


[Sounds of gently splashing waves. Sounds of a boat being set up to leave the dock]

MVO: [man in his 60s, confident]

Retirement? I think of it as my next big adventure.

Relishing it at full sail, with my favourite people on board.

WVO: [girl, 6-year-old]

Grandpa, grandpa! You're gonna need a bigger boat!

MVO: [laughing, tender, speaking to the girl]

Hahaha. Am I, little one? 

[the girl’s laughter and steps fade away]

MVO: [back to the audience]

But let's be clear. I don't like nasty surprises.
So I asked for Hennion & Walsh’s free Retirement Income Manual.

Their wide range of choices helps you navigate the waters of retirement investing. And they’ve built their business on the classic American values of integrity, trust and personal service, to set you up with what you really need.

If you’re interested, get their free, no-obligation manual by calling XXXXXXXX. Missed it? XXXXX.

WVO: Say it again, grandpa!

MVO: Here it is. XXXXX.


Approximately 50 secs including 10 secs for T&C 


WVO: [in her 60s, straight-talking, decisive]
Stubborn, they say. Too tough. Never ready to step back.
But the truth is: I've worked hard for my money. And for the many healthy leisure years I plan to enjoy.
So… is it time for someone to make my money work for me?

But it’s my retirement, and I'm gonna need some good people 
working on that.

People like Hennion & Walsh. I received their Retirement Income Manual for free, and I liked it. They’ve got decades of experience with a wide range of retirement investing choices, and they built their business on the classic American values of integrity, trust and one-to-one service. Now it’s time for them to get workin’.
To get their free manual, call XXXXX.
No non-sense, no obligation. XXXXX.
Again, XXXXX.



It was an interesting audience to talk to.

Exploring the references was good fun with good results. 


It allowed me to work in a medium that I've always enjoyed – radio.

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