(while working at The Leith Agency)


The Scottish Government wanted a "very Scottish way" to help people memorise the basics of CPR and feel confident about performing it. We proposed to borrow The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be”, the iconic hit that happens to have the perfect rhythm for CPR.

I rewrote it to sound like this:

When I wake up, well, I know I'm gonna be

I'm gonna be the one that you want next to you

'Cause if you fall down, well, I know I'm gonna be

I'm gonna be the one who calls for help for you

And while you lie down, and I can't hear your heart and breath,

I'm gonna be the one giving CPR to you

And with my two hands in the middle of your chest

I'm gonna be the one to sing and press on you

And I will press 500 times,

and I will press 500 more,

just to be the one who saves you

'till the ambulance comes to your door

My teammate Andrea Sarnataro and I proposed this idea during the last week of our 1-month internship at Leith. After we left the agency, the client chose it among other routes and developed it into a video campaign. The final film doesn't reflect our original idea (characters, script, look and feel) but it keeps the full lyrics as we proposed them. If you're curious, watch it here. Below, some Primary School kids singing the song.



People either hated it or loved this idea, but everyone in Scotland was talking about it (and learning how to save lives).


96% of the reached audience said they would now rather attempt CPR than do nothing.


It doesn’t happen every day to be an intern team and see your song get almost 2 million views and be mentioned by the BBC, The New York Times, The Independent, The Scotsman, The Sun, The Daily Mail, and more.